The Bundesliga ID game will be attended by coaches, club scouts and professional agents from Germany. With over 20 clubs scouting this gives you the best exposure and opportunity to make a team.

The philosophy is to offer players the opportunity to showcase themselves to German teams, scouts and professional agents creating the pathway for their next step of their football career.

The ID Game is going to be in a 11 v 11 game format. Two 45 minute halftime. The players are placed on teams of 12 people. 10 field players and 2 goalkeepers.

The players will be placed at the start ID Game tryout on teams of 12 players that will be compete against each other during the ID Game.

Included In The ID Game Only Option:

ID Game Date: Saturday July 24, 2021.

  1. German Bundesliga ID Camp ID Game.
  2. Tryout in front of over 30 Professional Bundesliga teams, scouts and agents at the ID game.
  3. SOUL OF SOCCER ID Camp Training Appeal.
  4. Each club scout and agent present will receive a brochure with the player profile that highlights each player in Camp ID.
  5. SOUL OF SOCCER representative of support, guidance, supervision and emergency assistance 24 hours during the stay.
  6. Meet & Greet lunch with Scouts and Agents after ID Game.
  7. Closing ceremony and dinner.
  8. Accident insurance.